I am looking for an amazing woman who has her life together. Please be intelligent, loyal, ... dating with Daryl, single Man from Carlsbad.
I am looking for an amazing woman who has her life together. Please be intelligent, loyal, ... dating with Daryl, single Man from Carlsbad.

Dating Daryl
53 years, Carlsbad.

Daryl comes from California

I am looking for an amazing woman who has her life together. Please be intelligent, loyal, thoughtful, caring, good communicator, honest, confident, chivalrous, respectful, funny, loves animals, a nonsmoker, and independent financially secure. The lack of effort and follow through these days is extremely dishearting. It seems the notion of romance and wooing is gone. No one knows how to date anymore. Which is why I am making it very clear the type of woman I'm looking for. You should be a woman who is not afraid to express herself/show interest, send flowers and plan actual dates, etc. Dates that involve activities is how you get to know someone. None of this Netflix and chill BS. I'm not sure when this became acceptable to suggest after knowing someone less than a week. Location is important willing to relocate for the right person. If I meet someone I click with I want to be able to spend quality time with that person not just texting. Developing a relationship only seeing each other on weekends or every other is difficult. I am looking for that "nice woman" but chemistry/physical attraction is important. I will admit I do tend to have a "type". I'm generally attracted professional, intelligent, educated women, a clean-cut look, women of my own ethnicity, usually a bit older/younger and have a quiet/calm but confident demeanor. Someone who takes care of themselves and is trying to live a healthy lifestyle is also a plus. These things are not all set in stone but it gives you an idea of what I'm generally attracted to. Please have recent pics of you, not your car, memes or inspirational quotes. I am not attracted to excessively tattooed/pierced or if you look like you just stepped out of Thug life magazine. Also, if you look old enough to be my mom, I'll pass. Not sure if some of you lied about your age to broaden your search but I've seen some of the oldest looking 70 somethings on here. Lastly, if you do any kind of drugs, don't work I'm not interested

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