FAQ / get help with your dating profile

The most frequently asked questions on our dating site:

Is it free to use VIPdaters?

After you sign up you will get access to VIPdaters. The basic profile is free, and you will have access to search among our other users and view their profiles, and you will be able to receive messages from others. However, the basic profile will not allow you to have a dialogue with them. If you want to get enhanced access, you must upgrade your profile: Log in to your profile - choose UPGRADE

Is there a binding commitment on upgrades?

No. A user may cancel the subscription at any time, effective from the end of the current payment cycle. When a subscription is cancelled, there will be no additional charges.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your profile - go to Settings - select "Status" - Select "Cancel VIPplus Subscription".

Can I use VIPdaters on my cell phone?

Yes, VIPdaters can be used on both smart phones and tablets. Go to VIPdaters on your smartphone browser.

How do I control what notifications I receive?

When you are logged on to your profile: Select SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS.

How many pictures may I upload?

You can display one profile photo at a time. In your photo album, you can save an unlimited number of pictures.

What do I do about profiles that seems offensive to me?

Go to the profile in question and choose either “Block this member” or “Report”.

Can I block others?

Yes. Go to the profile in question and choose “Block this member”.

How do I use my friends list?

You can add and remove friends as desired. You already have many friends on social media, but on VIPdaters, you will have the opportunity to set up a friends list where everyone is single and looking to meet their one and only, as you are.