Safe dating - use your common sense when dating

Remain anonymous until you are sure

All dialogue between VIPdaters members comes from our anonymous pages. Your real identity is protected until you yourself decide to make yourself known. Until you've had a reasonable dialogue with another member, you should be careful about giving out information such as your email address, home address, place of work, website or other information that could enable another member to contact you personally, without your consent. This applies to both your profile and your initial messages to the member.

A little too intrusive

If a member is too intrusive and a little suspect in his or her way of asking for personal information, or if you sense an attempt to trick you into revealing such details, break off contact with that person. You can block the member if necessary, or in flagrant cases report him or her to our fake-fighter.

Start carefully

When you start a dialogue with a new person, so it's good to be a little skeptical. On all dating sites, there are "fake profiles” of people who are not who they claim to be. Listen to your gut feeling, and break contact if you feel unsure about the situation.

Never send money to a member

Please do not send money to another member. No matter how good and heartbreaking an explanation you've been given, it is highly likely that this is a member without honest intentions, and this is one of the strongest warning signs of a fake profile.

Significant age difference

Be on guard if you get the message from a member who is significantly younger or older than you.

Beware of swindlers

Just as when you go out for a night on the town, visiting nightclubs, discos or whatever you normally do, there are also people online who lie, cheat and defraud others. Therefore, you must also use your common sense online, and keep your distance from this type of person, if you have the misfortune of bumping into one along the way.

Take your time

You should not be in a hurry. Don’t be pressured into hasty decisions. Give you all the time you need to get an impression of whether the person you are in contact with seems honest and reliable. People who lie about their age, for example, might be lying about a lot of other things. Write to one another for a reasonable amount of time, in order to form a good, stable picture of the person.


Most members would like to present ourselves in the best way possible, and many have really nice pictures in their profile. Usually, however, the pictures look like examples of “home photography”. Professional model photos should give cause for caution.

Lack of pictures

It is free to upload photos on VIPdaters. There is therefore no reason to not present oneself with pictures. When you are in dialogue with another member, it is reassuring to be able to have a visual impression of that person, preferably with pictures from several different contexts. Don’t be reluctant to encourage other members to upload photos for their profile and photo albums.

Don't meet before you are completely ready

One of the strengths of dating online is that members have the opportunity to get to know each other before they meet. Through written dialogue, many attitudes and principles can be mutually confirmed, showing whether your basic values are more or less compatible. When you feel ready, then it's time to set up a first meeting, which can for better or worse meet or disappoint the expectations you have both built up based on your dialogue. Always have your first meetings in a safe place, for example, public places such as cafes, parks or similar.

Give love a chance

Despite all these warnings, you can still give love a chance. Go into it with healthy skepticism, so you can get the same great experience out of it that thousands of other members do, every single day.

Have fun!