Terms of use- valid from february 14, 2020

Please read over these terms of use, so that you can help keep VIPdaters’ form and content at a high quality level. When you join VIPdaters, you agree to respect the following terms of use. If you cannot accept them, you should not join VIPdaters. You must be 18 years or older to create a profile on VIPdaters.

Use of VIPdaters

When you have registered, and perhaps updated your profile with a VIPplus subscription, you will gain access to VIPdaters. The basic profile is free and you have access to search among our other users and view their profiles, as well as being able to send and receive messages, both personally and via our automatic VIPmatch feature. At the same time, your profile will be visible on relevant search pages and dating guides, published by VIPdaters. But with a standard profile, you do not have access to all features.

Should you wish to upgrade to a VIPplus profile, you will have extended access, which will allow you to have dialogues with our other users. The prices and payment terms can be found below.

VIPdaters’ obligations

VIPdaters provides an online dating service via the internet, where one can log on and search and enter into dialogue with other users. VIPdaters cannot advise, publicize or guarantee that you will find what you want, whether you have a standard or upgraded profile.

VIPdaters assumes no responsibility for meetings between users that occur as a result of the use of our service, and we recommend that you take certain precautions, for example, that you tell one of your friends about your first meeting with another user, and always choose to meet in a public place such as a café, restaurant, cinema or similar.

Users’ obligations

As a user of VIPdaters you agree to:

  • Not provide any inaccurate or false information;
  • Not use VIPdaters for commercial purposes;
  • Not use offensive or insulting words or expressions;
  • Not enter phone numbers, email addresses, website references or other information that may reveal your identity, unless you have upgraded your profile; and
  • Verify that the settings for the information you receive from us will cover your needs. You can change these settings by selecting "Info-level" under the “My profile" tab when you are logged on.

We reserve the right to exclude your profile without further notice if these obligations are not met. In some cases, you will be able to reactivate an excluded profile by upgrading it to VIPplus.

Prices and payment terms

Upgrading to a VIPplus profile requires that the user have a subscription. The longer a payment period the subscription is settled for, the lower the average monthly price. We have put together some great offers so that you have the opportunity to choose the upgrade that best suits you.

Prices and payment terms are listed on the upgrade page, which can be seen when logged in to your approved profile.

The upgraded profile will become available when payment has been processed, normally immediately. When you have upgraded your profile, you will receive an email receipt confirming that your payment has been processed.

Please note: When you file is upgraded, the criteria that form the basis of the VIP Match notifications you will receive become more stringent, in order to maximize the relevance of such notifications. This can result in receiving fewer VIP Match notifications after upgrading, but the quality should as a rule be higher.

Under MY PROFILE > INFO LEVEL you can choose whether or not to receive automatic VIP Match messages, no matter if you have a basic or an upgraded profile.

Right of cancellation

Your subscription is subject to the statutory right of cancellation within 14 days. You may only cancel if you have not used your subscription within the 14 days. Your use of the subscription/service takes effect at the time you complete your purchase at www.vipdaters.com. Should you wish to invoke the right of cancellation, you must immediately log off after the purchase without loggin in again and contact customer service to report that you have cancelled your purchase. Since you have contracted for a subscription, the right of cancellation applies only to the entry into force of the contract and not to the recurrent payments, which are under the general cancellation terms as stated below.

Subscription terms

All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the expiration of each pay period until the user terminates the subscription. Receipts for charges in connection with the ongoing subscription renewals will be sent via email.

If your payment card expires during the subscription period, the subscription will automatically be terminated upon expiration, and you will then be able to take out a new subscription with your new payment card. It is also possible for you to cancel your subscription, and renew it with a new payment card whenever you will.

Subscription cancellation

If you have subscribed to a required minimum period, this is the one that applies. Otherwise, a user can cancel their subscription at any time with effect from the end of the current payment period.

A subscription cannot be terminated retroactively, but the purchased VIPplus profile will be available until the subscription period expires.

You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation, which you should save in case you subsequently need to show that you have terminated your subscription correctly.

When a subscription is cancelled, there will be no additional charges.

Please note that a subscription may not be not terminated by disabling an upgraded profile or putting it on pause.

To unsubscribe: Log in to your profile - go to Settings - select "Status" - Select "Cancel VIPplus Subscription". You will receive confirmation when your termination is completed.

Offers and promotions

Promotional offers may not be forwarded or transferred to other users. By accepting a promotional offer, you accept our terms of use at the same time, and upon expiration of the promotional period a monthly subscription at the applicable normal price will continue until cancelled by the user.

We hope that you will enjoy VIPdaters, and wish you good luck with your search.